Personal training


A holistic approach informed by my studies in MSc Dance Science and Strength & Conditioning; blending elements of Iyengar yoga, pilates, boxing and athletic training techniques.

Strength & Conditioning for dance 

Learn about your body in dance,
how to train it to be strong,
powerful and injury-free

Kathak Dance Technique

Grace, fluidity and power combined

in this beautiful Indian dance form

A Personal Trainer/ Educator

& a Kathak Dancer

I would like everyone to train with the knowledge
of their physical abilities and goals,
to understand their individual movement patterns and how to remain injury free in order to achieve longevity in movement!

Who is Seema?
Types of training
How can Strength & Conditioning help you?

Seema has an MSc in Dance Science, is a qualified Personal Trainer and a Kathak dancer/ teacher. She has also for worked numerous years in education. She set up The South Asian Dance Medicine & Science Association (SADMSA) to disseminate international research in Health & Wellbeing in South Asian Dance.

Read her story here.

I love everything to do with movement and aim to inspire you and give you the tools to be healthier, fitter and more knowledgeable.

I offer



Find out more about my services and discover how I can help you and your institution



Strength & Conditioning as supplementary training has many well documented physical benefits for dancers.

If you’re unsure if Strength & Conditioning is for you, find out more about it here, and see how it can help you to become a fitter, powerful and more knowledgeable dancer.

Choose a class that's right for you

If you are just starting out and would like to learn the basics of Kathak, then the Saturday morning
class is for you. If you would rather dig a little deeper and focus on how to improve your power, speed, stamina and agility in Kathak then why not try a 1-2-1 strength & conditioning session with me.

Group classes currently consist of
beginner and improver Kathak dancers. If you are a contemporary dancer looking to add Kathak to your repertoire please email me to register your interest.

If you are a group of dancers looking to add Strength & Conditioning training to your class, I would be happy to organise studio sessions for you all.

Get in touch and I would be happy to visit your institution. 


Get in touch with me, I will be happy to work around your schedule

Mondays:        11am-6pm

Wednesdays:  All day

Thursdays:      8am - 5pm

Saturdays:       7am-9pm

If you like the idea of doing
a fitness session from your home or you or fancy some 

fitness training in your lunch break. I am happy to cater to your needs to develop a practice that suits you.



Seema understands the needs of contemporary dancers while being fully immersed in the classical form of Kathak. She imparts detailed technical information in a way that is easy to assimilate. We learnt a mixture of footwork, rhythms and dance sequences. The classes are well paced and fun.







I highly recommend Seema’s dance classes for those interested in working on their footwork, focus and kinesthetic understanding of rhythm. Also for enjoying an inspiring class with an inspiring teacher.





It has been a real pleasure to have Seema; she is a gifted South Asian dancer and has brought a high level of professionalism, positive energy, enthusiasm and emotional intelligence to our project.

The young people’s needs that ROaR seeks to address are highly complex and Seema’s patience, skill and understanding have played a valuable part in the success of the project at Papillon House School.

As well as her contribution to the practical workshops Seema has contributed her ideas, thoughts and reflections to evaluation meetings and planning sessions which again has been hugely supportive of the project.






I really enjoyed how Seema's PT sessions are interesting, manageable but always challenging. Seema always switches up the exercises, adding a twist to what may seem familiar. Her sessions are always unique and she uses a selection of music that suits the variety of body movements covered which leaves me wanting more!

Seema manages to tune into what I need on that day, she manipulates her plan according to my mood to get the most out of the session. This may start with some functional movement, somatics and end with some very high intensity work once my mood has lifted. 

I always finish with a big smile on my face!



Kathak is more that just a dance class
Kathak develops your understanding of
complex rhythms, refines expression and character,
and develops non-verbal communication.


Join a class and see the benefits for yourself




For any enquiries, please contact Seema de Jorge-Chopra:

Tel: +44 (0)7930992880 |

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