About me

Over the past 4 years I have rehabbed myself from coronavirus and two C-sections.

My master’s degree, performance history and life experiences have informed my physical practice. My Guru’s and teachers have filled my toolbox with invaluable knowledge and skills that I apply and adapt to everything that comes my way.

I aim to enrich peoples lives with knowledge and power to succeed on their lifelong health journey and I thrive upon knowing that I have made a difference to someone’s life. I am a passionate and active learner who can make a difference; I have made so many positive changes in my life and can lead others by example.

At a deeper level, society is suffering, communities lack knowledge and are making misinformed health decisions. We are the role models for our children’s future, and I want our children to be surrounded by strong, resilient and happy people.

My career has taken some interesting turns, but all due to my desire to keep learning (you can read my full journey here).

I have explored health from many different pathways, through being a performer, looking after performers, rehabbing as a performer after 2 C-sections, educating the performers of our future and rehabbing after Covid-19.

What have I learnt and how can I help you?

  • That there is a right time and place for physical development

  • The post-natal journey is life-long and requires gratitude, knowledge and patience

  • Optimal health requires a balance of educated decision making about nutrition, physical training and stress management

  • Our choices impact the future generations 

  • Health education should be available to everyone