An international non-profit organisation to share expertise gained in the fields of Dance Medicine and Science

applied to South Asian Dance.


The association was launched in April 2017 by Seema De Jorge-Chopra and  Dr. Jatin Ambegaonkar to disseminate the research of its international members.  We offer our expertise within educational institutes, conferences, professional dance companies and more. If you would like us to visit you and advise upon the dancer's wellbeing and injury prevention, you can contact us, we are international! UK, USA, India and Malaysia.

Have you hit the gym blindly, hoping to make yourself fitter, stronger, faster, but really, you don’t know where to start?

The gym floor is full of equipment, a diverse range of weights, bands, machines, rollers, some of which can be incredibly intimidating! So do you s...

SADMSA committee member and Physiotherapist Dr. Shruti Kotian writes about the importance of core strengthening exercises for dancers.

Are you gearing up for an upcoming competition or a festival? Are you working out to
deliver a breathtaking performance? But are you wo...

March 1, 2018

We are starting a series of write-ups on the right foods for performing artists and here, we discuss about dietary fibres.

What are dietary fibres?

We are so familiar with the saying ‘Include a lot of fibre in your diet’. Have we, however thought about why we should str...

Maybe you have spent some good social time with loved ones over the break - Maybe you have eaten more - and stayed up later than you should have...  maybe you danced more than you wanted to …. or danced less than you wanted to.

This is exactly what the holidays are for...

Watching a good South Asian dancer is breathtaking. Being a good South Asian dancer is hard!

South Asian dancers often practice 6-8 hours daily and perform 2-3 times per week with some performances lasting over 2 hours. The dance steps performed often push dancers’ bodi...


Five years ago, I was travelling to a technologically advanced South Asian country where I got an opportunity to attend a Bharatnatyam dance rehearsal. The rehearsal was at one of the more reputed Fine Arts schools, well known for its contribution to Indian c...

November 27, 2017

Christmas and New Year are rolling around- Celebrations are times, we rejoice with our families and friends; where food plays an essential social role. Research says that the average American gain 5lb (2.3 kg) or more over the holiday period between Thanksgiving and Ne...



As said by Alice Abrams when you see a dancer performing, all you see is the glory of the performance but have you ever thought the agony that the dancer faces while practising and
performing the dance?


November 2, 2017

Nutritional health expert, Divya Arun writes about the correlation between sleep and health.

Ever thought if your sleep really mattered to you?
Most of the time, sleep is something that is easily foregone or pushed back to our ‘Later –to- Do’ list. In the course of our...

Do you plan to get pregnant and/or are pregnant, and want to ensure that you keep dancing? Do you want to plan the recovery from a cesarean section?

Then read this blog by Kathak dancer/ Dance Scientist Seema De Jorge-Chopra, MSc and Specialist Women’s Health Physiother...

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