Personal training

"A soothing authority"

I don't shout, I instruct

I don't order, I educate

I don't rush, I pace

You are unique, your personal training session is yours and is based on how you are feeling and what your individual abilities are.

I am educated to MSc level in Dance Science, I am up-to-date with research in the field and most importantly I am a very good teacher with so much to share with you.

I am a Personal Trainer, a Dancer, a Researcher and a Mother, so I can relate to you on many levels and I hope that I can help you.


Absolutely new to fitness, in need total guidance and inspiration


You already engage in exercise, you know the facts but you need guidance and how to put your knowledge into practice.


You are a complete exercise addict, you love to deepen your knowledge and are training for a specific event.

Check out the Strength and Conditioning personal sessions below.

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Strength and Conditioning focuses on the dancer/ athletes physical and physiological development. It is a form of supplementary training for athletes and dancers alike to develop speed, agility, power and strength of movement.

S&C training is provided with specificity to the characteristics of the dance form.

Take a read of this article to fully understand it's benefits for dance training

What is Strength & Conditioning?

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Educational workshops

I would love to visit your dance institution/ dance studios, to share my knowledge about dance training with you and your students.

Dance Science
  • Strength & Conditioning for dance

  • Aerobic activity in dance

  • Anaerobic activity in dance

  • Flexibility

  • Strength and power

  • Core strength

  • Injury prevention in dance

  • Introduction to nutrition

  • Active/ passive recovery (cool down)

  • Injury prevention


Imagine the Kathak dancer as a finely tuned instrument, part of the orchestra, creating intricate rhythmical patterns with the movement of their feet and the sound of their bells. 

Above, they express their emotions with the use of their eyes, torsos, mouths and gentle turning of their wrists.

They can tell you magical stories without the use of words!

Kathak workshops for contemporary dance
  • Refine your expression and gaze in dance

  • Preparation of the bodies response to rhythm

  • Create sharpness & fluidity in your movement

  • Train the musical ear through movement 

What is Kathak?

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