The long version

My career has taken some interesting turns, but all due to my desire to keep learning. I graduated as a Graphic Designer in Bristol in 2003 but then decided to explore my creativity and fake it as a Hairdresser in a London salon where an amazing teacher took me under his wing and trained me up without letting anyone know what was happening. I won L’Oréal Hairdresser of the year and was advised by a wonderful client to hit the theatre industry with my skills. I found myself working as an assistant on Edward Scissorhands before moving to Stratford upon Avon to train as a ‘wiggie’ at The Royal Shakespeare co. I soon became an established hair and make up artist at the RSC and decided to move back to London with a touring opportunity. The next few years saw me working at the English National Opera and National Theatre plus freelance hairstyling gigs on fashion shoots.

I saw performance through backstage life. It was fascinating to see the dancers and actors warming up, prepping their bodies and witnessing self-care choices they made.


At the same time, I was training as a Kathak dancer, this connected me to my Indian heritage, taught me Sanskrit, rekindled my love for painting and gave me an insight into how it felt to be a performer, how my body felt in high intensity dance activity and how others trained.


I then went on to study MSc Dance Science and strength and conditioning to further understand the physical body in performance. It was a fascinating journey!

Getting pregnant is an intensive course in self-awareness, I began to investigate my body in a different way and was shocked with the emergency c-section outcome (you can read my story here)! My coping strategy was to use myself as a case study and to rehab myself after a traumatic birth, to rebuild body after surgery and to love and nurture another individual’s journey, that of my baby girl. This was the toughest experience, with many ups and downs. I placed intense pressure on myself to get better, but I now know that what I needed was gratitude and patience.


I went to Spain to do my Personal Training qualification and to start putting all my knowledge and experience into practice under one umbrella. Since then, I have trained mama’s, dancer’s, athletes and my community. This has been insightful, exciting and has helped me to share my values as an educator.


I got pregnant again in 2019 and was in a lot of pain due to the the weight of the baby on the previous c-section scar. This meant that I had no choice but to take it easy. I chose to have another c-section, a decision which surprised me, but one that enabled me to have a positive birth story, I felt empowered, calm and in control. I had a bouncing baby boy, and the recovery was so good! Although again, I placed too much pressure on myself to be able to physically do what I could do after my first child and when I had no children. I only wish that I could have gone slower!

In December 2020, the whole family was struck my coronavirus! For the first time in my life I was still, I could not move due to immense fatigue and muscle aches and I was unable to look after my children.

For 6 weeks I did not engage in physical activity apart from walking and meditation. Every time I tried to increase the intensity my body fought back and told me to restore. So for 8 weeks in did Iyengar restorative yoga, meditation and mindful walking. I ate had Acupuncture, ate warm nutritious food, took vitamins and slept as much as possible. It was the best life lesson so far. To relax, to breath, to reconnect and to restore! Something that I should I have done after the first two c-sections! Now that I have experienced it from within, what I teach is even stronger!



Looking back at my life, I have been so fortunate to have had the best teachers who have enriched my life and taught me many life lessons. My Gurus Shri Abhay Shankar Mishra (Kathak), Glenys Shephard (Iyengar Yoga), my hairdressing guides and of course my parents.


I aim to guide in the same way, you can find out more about my services: pregnancy restoration, performers health and general fitness.