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Let's talk

Optimum health is multi-faceted and unique to you. Let's discover more about your lifestyle in this initial consultation.

Personal Training

A soothing authority"

I don't shout, I instruct

I don't order, I educate

I don't rush, I pace

You are unique, your personal training session is yours and is based on your goals and your individual ability.

Dance Science Education

I would love to visit your institution to share my knowledge about physical training with you and your students.


Post-natal recovery

Taking you beyond your

6-week GP check through the application of strength and alignment testing in preparation for exercise.


Kathak movement

Kathak is much more than just a dance; it teaches you expression, musicality, fluidity and dynamism.


Performance Optimisation

Are you in training for a specific event? Let's identify the demands of your sport/ dance and develop a plan for you.

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