Zoe, GP

Seema gave me a tailored postnatal exercise plan which included a detailed assessment, workout and post session plan. She was able to adapt it depending on my goals. Initially I had planned to return to running but unfortunately had to drop that due to ongoing pelvic discomfort. She gave me exercises which were suitable for this and built strength and aided recovery. Despite being a GP, I found I still had a lot to learn in this area as I had never had much training in postnatal exercise & recovery.


Seema also gave me lots of support and great advice for general wellbeing postnatally. She is naturally empathetic and great at her job! I would highly recommend her as a PT for anyone recovering from birth or looking for expert research based input on how to improve their fitness. 


Sophie, Editor

When I first met Seema I was letting the general bustle of family life stand in for exercise and not tuning in to my body’s needs. I was very apprehensive about starting personal training but Seema’s kind manner and dedication encouraged me to give it a go. I can honestly say I’ve never looked back. Seema’s expertise made every session feel like a fascinating lesson, and her warm and friendly encouragement helped me keep going when I thought I’d reached my limits. She has this magical way of making things I’d never tried before seem manageable and fun. I loved the way each session was varied and drew from lots of different disciplines especially sports science. It felt personal and tailored to me, and really encouraged me to get back into my body and discover all the brilliant things it can do. Seema is an absolute diamond – she really puts the ‘personal’ into personal training

Laura Alos small.JPG

Laura, Project Manager

I’ve been training with Seema to try to get back into shape after giving birth. My main aim was to lose some of the stubborn fat around my middle and generally try to develop a positive attitude to exercise. Within few sessions I could see and feel results. Furthermore, Seema has helped greatly to improve my posture. I consider Seema sort of a “miracle trainer” which makes the sessions very varied that the time flights by. I love how Seema mixes exercise techniques. Seema is very passionate and knowledgeable of what she does. She always explains the benefits of the exercises and how to do them properly. Having tried other trainers before, I think Seema differentiates for her “easy going” yet direct manner and with clear results. I highly recommend Seema" 


Gina, Drum teacher

I've really enjoyed how the sessions made what I find mundane (ie. Repetitive movements) actually interesting, manageable but challenging. Seema always switches up the exercises adding a twist to what may seem familiar. She made each of the sessions feel unique alongside a selection of music that suited the variety of body movements which kept me wanting more. Seema tunes in to what I need in that moment  rather than sticking rigidly to a workout plan which really helped me to get the most out of the sessions.